Hey Ma! The mearloaf?

To all the mothers out there, happy mother’s day. I have no idea why or when mother’s day actually started but I will have to agree on the idea of having a day dedicated to appreciating mothers. I will admit, and do so proudly, I am a mama’s boy I love my mom to death. She’s always been there for me and given me opportunities to make a life for myself that I will enjoy. But this isn’t just about my mom, as great a lady as she is, it’s about all mothers. You have the power to give life, it’s up to you to nurture us and bring us into the world and for this we are grateful. Sure there are the ups and downs but know, we are aware that we wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for you.

Thank you for everything. Thank you for that $20 every once in a while. Thank you for yelling at us about being safe, and even though we thought wasn’t cool, it ended up saving us on more than one occasion. Thank you for getting worried and stressing out when we got sick, although you probably stressed more than you should have. Thank you for that cup of coffee every morning that gets us through the day. Thank you for putting up with us in our adolesent years. Thank you for supporting our ideas and decisions when no one else would. Most of all thank you for everything we take for granted.

We love you, and again: Happy Mother’s Day!


~ by fiosphoenix on May 9, 2010.

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