FITC Toronto 2010

Yea this took a while to do but what a great time at FITC this year! There were some amazing talks from Grant Skinner, Eskil Steenberg to Robert and David for North Kingdom. Then there were the after parties…but that’s another story. FITC is probably the greatest opportunity to get into a network some of the brilliant minds of the flash world. FITC isn’t,however limited to just flash anymore. There was a talk on the Sunday of FITC, at 1:40. It was Ben Kreukniet, of the United visual artists. Coolest freaking intro ever! Awesome code generated motion graphics, which the guy said he would talk about but he ended up running out of time. His presentation had nothing to do with flash. It was more on having interactive experiences in the least expected environments. For example the garden full of light rods that reacted to motion. Cool idea.

To summarize FITC, you could say it’s pretty much like a gathering of digital artists. I personally went to more technical talks this year and I still felt like I was exposed to many people sharing ideas and their own creative workflow.

John Lindquist’s talk on open-source Flash 3d, got me very interested qnd excited to jump into the world of 3D Flash. He talked about PaperVision 3D and Away3D.  North Kingdom’s talk closing the first night, was absolutely amazing! Those guys dress to impress.  They showed the making of their Demo Reel (which is badass, just saying) and they’re experience doing the Adidas Teamgeist campaign.

However probably one of the most impressive talks I’ve experiencd at FITC was Eskil Steenberg‘s “Building the Future of Artist Tools” on the Monday of FITC. Creating some of the most efficient tools in the 3D developing environment, and showing the advantages of not just use the tools given to us to make cool stuff, but getting inspired and make better tools to make cooler stuff, or at least more efficiently.

Grant Skinner also had a great talk. Although not as creative, it was a very informative talk. Helping to make the Flash applications and pages you build run smoother and at a steady frame rate. He also explained certain things about Flash that would be beneficail for flash developers to know. You can get the Slides of this talk here.

And Oh the After Parties…What a great way to get people to discuss the talks they saw  not only with follow members of the audience, but with the speakers themselves.  To top it all off they’re on a boat with an open bar. Oh FITC, how I look forward to you next year.


~ by fiosphoenix on May 8, 2010.

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