Robot dance

Would you agree if I said that the human body was a vehicle for a meta-physical existance in a physical reality. If you read the ideas blog you’ll see where i’m coming from. I was trippin out in my room yesterday staring at my hands. I was thinking about the idea of dexterity, playing guitar, typing, writing, building, you use your hands for sooo much i was still staring at them(kinda like that scene from the simpsons “They call them fingers but i never see them fing…oooh there they go!”  ), and was trying to see the funtionality in my fingers the skeleton structure of my hands, the muscles and nerves guiding it. (Did anyone ever watch the cartoon X-O squad, with the crazy mech warrior kinda suits that plugged into the people`s head which gave them more control over the suit*quietion mark*) Note: my question mark button for some reason produces this symbol É instead of a question mark…i feel like a noob… aaaaanyway, i was looking at my hands and i thought about how everything starts at the head, we feel so intune with our bodies, we feel like such a part of them, what aids this is the fact that we feel pain, we care more about our bodies cause shit hurts. But even pain is signals being sent from the point of the injury or whatever through a system of nerves, to your brain, and once your brain processes it, it starts to suck…or not whatever floats your boat really, but you get the point. We start our lives out as kids learning how to use our limbs and work our body and mind, and as we grow older we grow into our bodies. This is all obvious stuff, I just may be emphasizing little things here and there, I like to appreciate the little things like the functionality of my body. From this appreciation I`ve moved to seeing our bodies as vehicles (would that make doctors biological mechanics*question mark*), biological machines for who ever we are inside our minds, and deep within our unconscious. That meta-physical existance that we may or may not believe to be…


~ by fiosphoenix on July 16, 2009.

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