Idea (its a work in progress)

My idea. I’ve mentioned this to couple of people and even talked about it with a couple others. I’m finally posting it and to be honest it’s kind of a crazy idea, but then again it wouldn’t be as interesting of an idea if it were a normal one. This idea is one of if not the biggest reason i started a blog in the first place. Also, keep in mind that this is what i believe to be a possability of our existance.  I also beleive that we won’t find out who was right (if anyone was) about our existance until we die (or leave this world, if you didn’t want it so blunt), if even then.

I believe in the soul. We each have souls. Animals have souls as well as trees.I don’t believe in a single entity or God. I believe that we as physical beings live in a co-existance with a meta-physical counter part. Our souls. We live in a co-existance with our souls. I believe that this “god we wish to beleive as our creator is actually a community of metaphysical beings.

I only believe in co-incidense in relation to other peoples beliefs. I beleive everything happens for a reason.I beleive that this community of souls, write our stories as we live them. Each of our lives is a story. Each story intersects with other stories to make another story…Let me explain: Each of our lives is a story. We live to story of our life in this time and age. The story of fio. The story of Jared Leto, of Barack Obama, the story of you. Your life is one story, and there are sections of your life you can consider as chapters. You just got out of a 3 year relationship, thats a chapter completed, you finished school, thats a MAJOR chapter completed, even transitioning from one year to the next could be a progression in your chapters. Each of these chapters could be considered stories in them selves. Stories that combne to create the story of your life. But your not the only person involved in this story. The people around you they have they’re own stories, all these stories intertwine perfectly to bring you where you are. Each second plays a part in these stories, the stories of you, the stories of  your relationships with the people around you. Me and my best friend Chantal, our relationship is the story of Phiroze and Chantal. We’ve been friends for a while and we’ve gone through a lot. We’ve had distinguishable chapters in our friendship (which perfectly tie into our lives). My good buddy Graham, me and this man have definately been through some shit, distinguishable chapters again. These two friends of mine were to seperate worlds for me, and then we all started hangin out, then began the story of the three of us, now this story has had an interesting experience, completely different than the other two, which are still going on but now are all tied together. Imagine this pattern: the story of the town you live in, the story of your country, the story of your home, earth, and it could possibly carry to our solar system and beyond.


I believe that if there were an alteration in these stories, even the slightest thought, things would turn out differently. However we aren’t capable of time travel so we can’t really prove that, and if we were, we would seriously mess shit up. I’m getting off topic.

Think I’m crazy yet? If no, cool. If yes, humor me and keep reading please. Heres the scary part about this idea. Us. Human beings, evolved from generations upon generations of homonids and beyond. Go back to when life just started on the earth, whatever happened, happened and that moment is gone. But that moment where everything started, I think it was planned. This vast community of souls started a story, this story is still being told now in our existance. Let me approach this a different way, have you ever just sat there and stared at your hands? If you haven’t, take a moment right now to look at them, take your time, look at them…look at the functionality of your fingers…picture the muscles underneath your skin working with other parts in your arm…controled by you shoulder…and all the way up to your mind controlling it. I hate to break it to you like this but you are a biological machine. What YOU are, is whats in your mind.When you are born your limbs have to still develop your body has to grow, and as you grow you get the hang of using your body and soon can co-ordinate your body to use tools or operate something else. Like riding a bike. Your mind co-ordinaes your body which operates the bike. Yes your body is you, but its because its an extension of your mind.


This part is more positive. So far I’ve said that we, we being us now in our physical state, live in a co existance with our metaphysical state. Because all we’ve known is a physical state, its hard to imagine a meta physical one. But we can understand that such an existance could be potentially everlasting. Now compare a phyical life, to a metaphyical existance. The word life implies it has an end. Existance implies that its just there. Our lives are beauitful because of our limitations. We live in a way where everything is beauitful because of its limitations, because of the limitation time puts on us. Even the concept of limitations due to the fact that we are “only human” when these limits are broken they are noticed.  These moments of victory when records are broken, when you surpass your own skills, you grow, you learn, you interact, you live your life. I believe we are here to appareciate our lives and fnish our stories. We are grow as a species. We are evolving, growing, we need to follow our hearts (which is controlled by your mind..(thats the only reason i threw that cheesy line in)). We need to live our lives help each other, help our earth, our home.

house on lake

Appreciate your life, what you have. In the end this is just an idea, but its my idea and it works for me. I just thought id see if i could share this perspective with people see what they think.

Do me a favor whatever you took out of this, if you think i’m crazy or not, start noticing things, big and small things.

The history of things and how it’s come to be now. If one factor were to be different, our existance today would be different. Skateboarding for example, all it is, is a plank of wood with wheels and an axel, that has an entire culture around it. Where did it all start? Each moment that brought it to where we are now is what shaped this thing. Who knows, if there wasn’t a war between skaters and security guards skateboarding might not have boomed. Music. If the beatles didn’t exist or even if just a member in the band was different, music might have been different today.


Notice things in your own life too. Situations like, something you had planned, like an event. You were stoked but something didn’t work out. And you couldn’t go so you went somewhere else. maybe you made a new friend, you might not realize it then but if you had gone to where you wanted to things would be different, you might’ve hooked up with this person you met 2 years after that day, or even immediately after that day you find out something went really wrong at the event you were supposed to go to, but because you stayed you were ok. There are endless possabilities, but notice things and try to make that connection, it helps you appreciate where you are, and why things hapen the way they do. But don’t focus on this, cause it’s only an idea. live you life. Live your story. Look at your life as your story. (Do me one more favor, next time you are at a party or on a date, or at work, just interacting. Picture yourself as a part of a story like a movie of a cartoon if your imagination will permit.) It got pretty cheesey at the end, but this is how i see the world and our existance, and I’m definately not saying its how it should be because like i said earlier, we won’t find out til we’re outa here. Take what you will, and I’m open for discussion on the topic. Just remember we only know whats real to us.


When you are born your limb have to still develop your body has to grow, and as you grow you get the hang of using your body and soon can co-ordinate your body to use tools or operate something else. Like riding a bike. Your mind co-ordinaes your body which operates the bike.

~ by fiosphoenix on June 8, 2009.

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