So i was playing around on my laptop, and discovered that vista has a default speech recognition application, and its actually REALLY cool. Once I get the hang of it ill be sailing. Right now I’m training my comptuter to adapt to my voice. It’s kinda like training a pet, which is intense because now I’m comparing a living being to a man made application, which should be a completely seperate conversation, I’ll save that for a different post.

Back to technology. There are many people who are intimidated by the idea of a technological boom. We are in a historical period right now. We are transitioning into the digital/technological age. Some might say we are already here. I think we’re close, I think we are about to undergo a HUGE technological boom within the next few years maybe even decade, and we all are a part of it.

Media also plays a part in our discoveries and technological breakthroughs. About a decade ago we were so fasinatied to see people on a space ship with ear peices that acted as a communication device. Wireless headsets. These devices were even compatible with other electronics and interfaces. Bluetooth. There are some crazy devices and technologies out there. And even some crazy ideas:

not a fan of apple but they have some sweeet ideas

holy shit! imagine that!?

if i had an i pod id want this

you get the point. I use to be anti technology for a long time, at least i disliked what i saw in myself and others involving our dependance on these technologies. I’ve had dependancy issues during my life that might have sprouted that opinion. I boycotted technology, i realized its not gonna make technology go away, then i asked, why do i want it gone? Because it makes me lazy?  It makes everyone brain dead because these computers do all the work for us?  we can’t get by without a calculator? Some people can, like some people have strengths and weaknesses. It is intimidating to be involved in such a detached part of the human evolution. Yet it is still part of the human evolution. All these things we have discovered and constructed and designed and developed, they were all created by human minds. And we aren’t alone in these discoveries there are influences of other minds. Minds of the past and present, that help and add to the minds of our future. Every idea has influences and has influenced, every moment has contributed to these ideas, and most importantly every failure has opened a new door(s). We are all part of the same entity, different strories that intertwine and network to compile a bigger story. The story of the human evolution. Which in turn works with other stories, forming the story of our home. The story of planet earth. Cheesey, but its true.

However, we aren’t as detached from this age of evolution as we think. Yes the machines and mechanics aren’t a part of our bodies(…yet) in some of us they already are. But on a more mental note: our generation of people are able to jump form task to task much easier than our parents generation ever did, its physically impossible for the human mind to text book defination of “multitask”, what we do is jump from focus to focus and jump back when we need to. Because we developped in front of a computer during the important parts of our lives we are able to utilize applications and jump from task to task much easier as the computer was able to provide. Msn was a huge factor in this. How many conversations have you had at one time while on msn? You jumped back and forth and sometimes to a new conversation while typing an email. Sit your folks down in from of msn and watch them go, some of them might be able to still manage through but you will definately see a difference in the mental stamina/reaction time.
Speaking of reaction time…Video games! What an intense breakthrough. People who play a lot of video games, develop better reaction time, its also said that playing a lot of first person shooters better one’s vision, in the game you look for the slightest of movements to determine your target and your fate in the game, if you dont catch these slight movements, you will usually find yourslef all of a sudden respawning at the other end of the map and have to work your way back into the battle (beacuse you just got killed….if you didn’t catch that). Other games have other affects, rpgs and games like starcraft, have helped develop strategic skills. And so on…Video games are already huge!!! They will only get bigger. Video game tournaments will become more popular and soon it might even turn into a sport….image that, you turn on TSN to watch an intense game of Call of Duty. haha…i laugh now…

We are already a part of this age…

Jump in…

phone 108


~ by fiosphoenix on May 28, 2009.

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