The Many Faces of Fionix

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Here are samples of the Fionix Business Card.

Face Up


Hey Ma! The mearloaf?

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To all the mothers out there, happy mother’s day. I have no idea why or when mother’s day actually started but I will have to agree on the idea of having a day dedicated to appreciating mothers. I will admit, and do so proudly, I am a mama’s boy I love my mom to death. She’s always been there for me and given me opportunities to make a life for myself that I will enjoy. But this isn’t just about my mom, as great a lady as she is, it’s about all mothers. You have the power to give life, it’s up to you to nurture us and bring us into the world and for this we are grateful. Sure there are the ups and downs but know, we are aware that we wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for you.

Thank you for everything. Thank you for that $20 every once in a while. Thank you for yelling at us about being safe, and even though we thought wasn’t cool, it ended up saving us on more than one occasion. Thank you for getting worried and stressing out when we got sick, although you probably stressed more than you should have. Thank you for that cup of coffee every morning that gets us through the day. Thank you for putting up with us in our adolesent years. Thank you for supporting our ideas and decisions when no one else would. Most of all thank you for everything we take for granted.

We love you, and again: Happy Mother’s Day!

FITC Toronto 2010

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Yea this took a while to do but what a great time at FITC this year! There were some amazing talks from Grant Skinner, Eskil Steenberg to Robert and David for North Kingdom. Then there were the after parties…but that’s another story. FITC is probably the greatest opportunity to get into a network some of the brilliant minds of the flash world. FITC isn’t,however limited to just flash anymore. There was a talk on the Sunday of FITC, at 1:40. It was Ben Kreukniet, of the United visual artists. Coolest freaking intro ever! Awesome code generated motion graphics, which the guy said he would talk about but he ended up running out of time. His presentation had nothing to do with flash. It was more on having interactive experiences in the least expected environments. For example the garden full of light rods that reacted to motion. Cool idea.

To summarize FITC, you could say it’s pretty much like a gathering of digital artists. I personally went to more technical talks this year and I still felt like I was exposed to many people sharing ideas and their own creative workflow.

John Lindquist’s talk on open-source Flash 3d, got me very interested qnd excited to jump into the world of 3D Flash. He talked about PaperVision 3D and Away3D.  North Kingdom’s talk closing the first night, was absolutely amazing! Those guys dress to impress.  They showed the making of their Demo Reel (which is badass, just saying) and they’re experience doing the Adidas Teamgeist campaign.

However probably one of the most impressive talks I’ve experiencd at FITC was Eskil Steenberg‘s “Building the Future of Artist Tools” on the Monday of FITC. Creating some of the most efficient tools in the 3D developing environment, and showing the advantages of not just use the tools given to us to make cool stuff, but getting inspired and make better tools to make cooler stuff, or at least more efficiently.

Grant Skinner also had a great talk. Although not as creative, it was a very informative talk. Helping to make the Flash applications and pages you build run smoother and at a steady frame rate. He also explained certain things about Flash that would be beneficail for flash developers to know. You can get the Slides of this talk here.

And Oh the After Parties…What a great way to get people to discuss the talks they saw  not only with follow members of the audience, but with the speakers themselves.  To top it all off they’re on a boat with an open bar. Oh FITC, how I look forward to you next year.

Tough Choice

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I like the Playing card concept, but I also like the 1st one. The only thing is, its just a typical business card. Nothing new, fun, creative about it really.

  • 1Front.–> BusinessCard2– –Business Card2 Centered
  • 1Back.–> BusinessCard2
  • 2Front.–>BusinessCard3– –BusinessCard3
  • 2Back.–> BusinessCard3BusinessCard3BusinessCard3

Quantum Physics

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>What the bleep do we know?: Down the rabbit hole is Documentary on Quantum Physics.

Pretty awesome documentary I might say. Learnt some cool stuff from matter to how our body works. There was some weird stuff though.

Apparently theres a certain chemical released into your body that latch on to and affect different cells, therefore making our bodies react differently when feeling different emotions. Being nervous for example – gives you that feeling in your stomach; or when you get excited your heart starts beating faster. <—-Some pretty cool stuff.

Another cool thing I learnt is that you never really are touching anything. Nothing is ever actually touching something. <–Trippy! Like your clothes are never actually sitting on your skin, your fingers are never touching the keys or the mouse, an example they used was a basket ball never touches the floor. What happens at a MUCH smaller scale than the human eye can capture, is static energy when the closest  atoms get close enough…<—You’ll have to watch it.

Worth a watch I think, but don’t take away ALL the theories. <–To be honest, time traveling signals? Thats a cool idea, that would be so intense if its true, but why I think Libet’s results were because the body was never designed to receive direct stimuli to the brain.  It would take the brain a certain period of time to recognize that the stimuli is external, since its only known internal  stimuli from all the neurons and neural connections of the body…<—but I ain’t no scientist! <— this was crazy though!

Try this

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The next weekend you enjoy(or not), try living it like a movie or t.v. show from a first person perspective. If any of you play fps games it’ll be easier to appreciate…live it as live entertainment.

Robot dance

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Would you agree if I said that the human body was a vehicle for a meta-physical existance in a physical reality. If you read the ideas blog you’ll see where i’m coming from. I was trippin out in my room yesterday staring at my hands. I was thinking about the idea of dexterity, playing guitar, typing, writing, building, you use your hands for sooo much i was still staring at them(kinda like that scene from the simpsons “They call them fingers but i never see them fing…oooh there they go!”  ), and was trying to see the funtionality in my fingers the skeleton structure of my hands, the muscles and nerves guiding it. (Did anyone ever watch the cartoon X-O squad, with the crazy mech warrior kinda suits that plugged into the people`s head which gave them more control over the suit*quietion mark*) Note: my question mark button for some reason produces this symbol É instead of a question mark…i feel like a noob… aaaaanyway, i was looking at my hands and i thought about how everything starts at the head, we feel so intune with our bodies, we feel like such a part of them, what aids this is the fact that we feel pain, we care more about our bodies cause shit hurts. But even pain is signals being sent from the point of the injury or whatever through a system of nerves, to your brain, and once your brain processes it, it starts to suck…or not whatever floats your boat really, but you get the point. We start our lives out as kids learning how to use our limbs and work our body and mind, and as we grow older we grow into our bodies. This is all obvious stuff, I just may be emphasizing little things here and there, I like to appreciate the little things like the functionality of my body. From this appreciation I`ve moved to seeing our bodies as vehicles (would that make doctors biological mechanics*question mark*), biological machines for who ever we are inside our minds, and deep within our unconscious. That meta-physical existance that we may or may not believe to be…